August 30, 2010

pAckinG TiMe!!!

bertemu lagi hari ini dalam rancangan jom balik kampung bersama amni
ap aku merepek nih!


overall,alhamdulillah coz saya dpt jwb test pd hr ni dgn jayanya...
hopefully full mark la yer

after test,sy,azan,fizah n ika pegi la k library yg cntik tersergam indah di kampus...hehehehhe
the main purposes we heading to the library is to find the article for our assignment to accomplish the BBm321 subject...but unfortunately,all of us lost the mood on finding articles as we did not manage to get the sponsor for our booth....ermmm
so it is a bit of tension...but i know where the will that's the way

and after that i am off to my "teratak sewa"
after break the fast with my two most bestfriend Ginger 1 and Ginger 2 a.k.a Gmah n Ghah, i packing all of my stuff that i think necessary to bring home. i am not planning to bring a lot of things as i planned to take a bus from UiTM to Melaka central in order to save the cost.(al-,maklum la dduk serumah ngn bdak2 yg belajar acc kna la bljr cut cost...hihihihi)

it is a bit tiring but i know,when will i experienced all the tired times if i did not experienced it now!

so, to all of u,plez pray for my safety...

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