September 14, 2010

the facts about parasite.

salam 2 all of u...
parasit merupakan sjnis pnykit yg blh mmbawa kemudaratan kpd tuan pnya yg ditumpang
\according 2 the

Parasites: 10 frightening facts!

Parasites: 10 frightening facts!

Like it or not, you're a walking colony of microscopic monsters. Want to know the gory details? Get the awful truth on the creatures that call you home right here.

Ten Things You Never Wanted To Know About Parasites

1: They're everywhere!
You cannot always see parasites, but rest assured that a whopping 75% of the world's creatures belong to this family. And did you know the average human body alone is known to host over a million of them?

2: Gut feelings
If you don't have at least one kind of worm residing in your guts, you're in the minority. After all, over three-quarters of the world's population keep them cosy. Though most of them are small, the biggest tapeworm ever recorded was over 60 feet long. Nice!

3: Hookworms
A staggering 1.3 billion of the world's population suffer from hookworms, minute monsters that cause anaemia by sucking the blood from the intestinal lining.

4: Smallpox
Smallpox was officially eradicated in 1980, but did you know that the micro parasites that cause this deadly disease currently lie dormant in the ice of Greenland? Some scientists are even worried that global warming could actually free them from captivity.

5: Ebola
Some parasites are content to feed on bits of you over time. Others are less polite. The dreaded Ebola parasite will, for example, attack internal organs and eat into collagen, which is the connective tissue that holds the human body together.

6: Pregnant protection
Pregnant women may have a special reason to resent parasites. Scientists believe that morning sickness is the body's way of protecting mother and child from parasitic infection.

7: Guinea Worms
The good thing about Tapeworms is that they have the decency to stay hidden. Not so the Guinea Worm. Ingested via contaminated water, the larvae burrow into the intestines and eventually emerge, fully grown, from the skin.

8: Pinworms
As prevalent in the West as anywhere else, Pinworms are staple-sized intestinal blighters that crawl out of your backside while you're asleep and deposit their eggs on your bedding.

9: Men more at threat
Men are twice as likely as women to die of parasite-induced causes. This is thought to be because men tend to be larger and present a greater target.

10. Most deadly parasite
The worst parasite of all is the one that causes malaria. Currently killing a person every 30 seconds, malaria has been responsible for over half of all human deaths since the Stone Age.

snri 10 facts di ats adalah bnar tntg parasit di mana parasit mrpkn kuman yg mmbhya yg blh mmbwa kemudaratn...
sma ada sedar atau tidak
manusia yg mnumpang dan mnyusahkn org lain jgak blh dipanggil parasit
sbb pd pndgn sy mnusia jnis ni harmful 2 tn pnya rumah

dia merosakkn tn pnya bdn scra halus dmi halus dan perlahan
sehingga kan at one stage mnusia jnis ni lpa dri dan rs mcm bgus sgt pdhal x sedar dri 2 mnumpang!

mmg dlm islan kta kna meraikn tetamu
tetapi knsep tetamu dlm islam adalah ssorg yg bermusafir dan tnggl slam 3 hri d rmah
yg 2 la ttmu

ttpi klu mnusia yg stp ms mka dia je kta kn tgk...yg 2 bkn tetamu ttp sy gelarkn PARASIT
sbb mnusia mcm ni x sdr dri mnumpang n cba nk perli2 tuan pnya rumah...
pdhal bkn rumah dia pon
kdg2 wat kuasa mcm rumah sdri....
klu la parasit ni sedar yg dia x dialu2 kn pon sbnrnya...

so to those yg trasa dia parasit

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