October 11, 2013

My Endless Love

Dear Hubby, this song is exactly for u. just for u!

My loveThere's only you in my lifeThe only thing that's rightMy first loveYou're every breath I takeYou're every step I make
And II want to shareAll my love with youNo one else will doAnd your eyes (your eyes, your eyes)They tell me how much you careOh, yesYou'll always beMy endless love
Two heartsTwo hearts that beat as oneOur lives have just begunAnd foreverI'll hold you close in my armsI can't resist your charms
And II'd play the foolFor you, I'm sureYou know I don't mind(No, you know I don't mind)And yesYou mean the world to meI know I've found in youMy endless love
And loveI'd play the foolFor you, I'm sureYou know I don't mind(Whoa, you know I don't mind)Oh, yesYou'd be the only one'Cause no, I can't denyThis love I have insideAnd I'll give it all to youMy love (my love, my love)

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