August 13, 2011

interpersonal concept that being applied in Nasib Do Re Mi movie


Nasib Do Re Mi being directed from its first movie that is Do Re Mi. In this movie, the director make Do, Re and Mi become closer. The story begin when Do, Re and Mi saw the gangster gang beat one man whose name Lokman. Lokman’s girlfriend cannot do anything as the gang which was have 4 people in that gang. Luckily, Do, Re and Mi was passed nearby and tried to give some help but unfortunately they being beat terribly until all of the collapsed. On the humanity value, Nora and Lokman send them to the hospital and when both of them going to visit Do, Re and Mi, the three men already not in the ward. While Do, Re and Mi was arrived on one house and they decided to spend their night there. While having their sleeping time, suddenly, it was a car with 4 men arrived at that house. Three of them overheard the conversation between the gang master and his 4 men. In the conversation, they heard that the master want to see bomoh to make Nora fall in love with him. In order to survive, they have the plan to being a bomoh in order to earn some money. When the master and the master arrived at the bomoh’s house, Re which was pretended as bomoh tell him that Nora will come to him after he buried one chain in front of her house and on the night when the master buried the chain, Do, Re and Mi being catches by Nora’s father and here is when Lokman and Nora met people who save them. After that they have the planned to trap Komeng as they suspect Komeng was one of the master plan behind of the bank robbery and their plan was succeed as Komeng and the gang being catches and Nora and Lokman marriage and happily ever after.


In this life sometimes we cannot bee too vengeful. As for Komeng he was being si vengeful after Nora reject his proposal. Started from that he stalks every Nora movement as he did not satisfied with Nora selection whom was Lokman. After that he was willing to do everything in order to make Nora fall in love with him until he went to see bomoh for some ‘treatment’. In this movie Komeng does not let go the past as he think the past was his future. His greedy attitude become trap to his gang and also himself.


When involving with self disclosure, the more we know someone the higher risk we build among us. In this movie, when Lokman and Do Re and Mi become closer, they make planned to trap Komeng as Komeng was one of the wanted criminal that Police want. In this case, Do Re and Mi put their life in risk and try to help Lokman and Nora.


As a human we always share everything with someone that we trust. In this movie, Komeng trust his gang as he know that his gang will not betray over him. Same goes to Lokman and Nora, they believed Do Re and Mi in order to make their plan success. Because of trusting among each other, their plan was succeed.


Everyone of us has our perception towards others. We tend to perceive people on the first impression. In this movie, Nora’s father perceive Do, Re and Mi as the thieves and asked the villagers to catch them. But after Lokman confront with him that the three guys were the one that save them then Nora’s father release them. In this case Nora’s father starting to perceive Do Re and Mi before knowing them but after knowing them, he know that they are the good guys.


In build any relationship, we must honest to develop it. As Nora and Lokman they build their relationship based on faithful and trusting. They accept each other based on what they are. As for Komeng, he did not honest in building the relationship so that Komeng love being rejected by Nora as she know that he did not honest towards him.


Interpersonal communication also involves self and need time for yourself. In this movie, Komeng want some time over thinking to meet the bomoh to make Nora fall in love with him. After having his own time, he finally make decision to meet bomoh.


Many of us build our own impression towards others by knowing or not knowing them. In this movie, Nora impress with Lokman and Do Re and Mi courage in order to catch Komeng and his gang. By this Nora know that four of them was the courageous guys which willing to risk their life in order to catches the bank robbery’s thieves.


In this movie, Do Re and Mi describe Komeng as the selfish and bad guy as he willing to use foolish tactics that was meet the bomoh in order to make Nora left Lokman for him. The three conjugate also describe Nora and Lokman as the suitable and sweet couples and by this perception, they are willing to help them.


In describing people, we cannot avoid stereotyping and prejudice. In this movie, Komeng put his stereotyping opinion on the bomoh. As for him all bomoh cannot beingbelieved as they make money after fooled people. in this case Komeng starting to prejudice the bomoh and after that he started to stereotyping towards bomoh. While Nora’s father, when meet Do Re and Mi at the first time, he was thinking that they are the thieves by looking their faces only without knowing about them.


As involving to interpersonal communication, we must listen towards other problem with full of our heart and starting to analyze the problems by putting like we are in the sender’s shoes. In this movie, the Komeng’s gang know that Komeng was totally in love with Nora and start to help him without using the wrong way. In this method, they heard Komeng’s problem with full of their heart and try to help him.


As the conclusion, the director Allyarham P.Ramlee had discuss a lot of interpersonal communication elements in every of his movies as he know that the importance of interpersonal communication in our daily life. Without interpersonal communication, the intimate relationship cannot being built as we need communication to develop people trust towards us.

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