October 12, 2011

tq because always be by my side :)

salam 2 all of u...
for your information,last week was the WORSE week ever for me....
i can also called my heartbroken week...
but Alhamdulillah,with some support from family and friends,i can handle that feeling wisely...

thanks to my mama n abah because give me unstoppable advise and also do support me.plus they do understand my feeling and try their best to deal with my unstable feeling...THANK YOU MAMA N ABAH...I LOVE BOTH OF YOU...<3

for gmah,jiha,una,sida,belle,azan n ika
thank u because always encourage me to get through this life.because always make your shoulder always free for me to cry on...thanks girls...because of u i know what the true meaning of friendship....<3

to pokcik kayo...
thanks because do call me and make me calm and always make your ears free to hear all of my sad story.plus always being the most understanding friend. thanks pokcik...because of you,i know that not all guys are the stupid damn liar...you prove it that you are not one of them...:)

to YOU (you know i was talking about you)
thanks because always make you have ample time to hear my sigh and always make my life wonderful with you are around. thank you because always give me positive paradigm to be applied on. thank u because make my life great...:)

to all of u....i feel very lucky because i am in love with all of you...:)

thank u :)

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